Help with Constructing your Search

This Guide explains the use of connectors and expanders to search more efficiently in Checkpoint.

  How to Navigate The Homepage

This document gives a quick overview of the Checkpoint Homepage.

  How to Print, Save, Email and Download Documents

Learn what options you have to interact with your documents.

  How to create Alerts

This guide explains how you can create and manage individual alerts for specific documents in Checkpoint.

  Checkpoint Annotations Guide

This Guide provides guidance on how to add annotations to your documents.

  Checkpoint Folders Guide

This Guide explains how to utilise Folders in Checkpoint.

  Create a OnePass for Checkpoint NZ

This Help Guide explains how to create your own personal username and password to access Checkpoint NZ. 

  Checkpoint IP Personalisation Guide

This Guide explains the steps to setup IP personalisation. This guide is only applicable to organisations with IP user access. If you have an individual login, you are not required to create IP personalised login.

  FAQ For Checkpoint NZ

This document covers the most frequently asked questions about Checkpoint.

  Checkpoint NZ Troubleshooting

If you are using Internet Explorer, Thomson Reuters recommends disabling or uninstalling the Google Chrome Frame add-on before accessing Checkpoint NZ. The use of this add-on can interfere with the functionality of the Checkpoint NZ platform.