Thomson Reuters Westlaw for NZ Users

This guide provides an introduction to WestlawNext for NZ users, focusing on International Materials from United Kingdom, Canada, European Union, etc.

  Thomson Reuters Westlaw Preferences and Custom Pages for NZ Users

This guide steps OnePass users through setting preferences and customising WestlawNext for their individual research needs.

  Thomson Reuters Westlaw Deep Link Guide and List

This guide explains how to create deep links to WestlawNext content for both IP-fixed and OnePass users. It includes a list of commonly used links. 

  Thomson Reuters Westlaw Tips and Tricks

This guide provides tips and tricks for OnePass users to improve their Thomson Reuters Westlaw experience.

  Thomson Reuters Westlaw News Search Tips

This guide explains how to search News content on WestlawNext.

  Thomson Reuters Westlaw Boolean Connectors and Advanced Search Tips

This guide explains how to search using Boolean terms and Connectors, how to use field restrictions and the Advanced Search template.

  Thomson Reuters Westlaw for Mobile Users

This guide provides information on how to use WestlawNext on a Mobile Device.

  Thomson Reuters Westlaw Alert Centre User Guide

This guide provides information relating to the creation and management of Alerts and Newsletters in WestlawNext.

  Thomson Reuters Westlaw Searching with Boolean Terms and Connectors

When you type a search in the text box at the Thomson Reuters Westlaw, special rules govern which searches are processed as Boolean Terms and Connectors searches. A search is processed as a Terms and Connectors search if it includes a grammatical, numerical, or BUT NOT connector; a root expander or universal character; or a field restriction. This guide provides help on Searching with Boolean Terms & Connectors.

  Thomson Reuters Westlaw - Getting Started

This guide provides an introduction to Thomson Reuters Westlaw